bespoke vanilla sock pattern - with anatomically correct toes!

I'm so excited to finally have a pattern up on Ravelry.

I am the queen of doing a ton of planning (and oftentimes some degree of execution) of big plans and then never taking the final step.  Seems kind of appropriate that I'm finally taking that last step with a sock pattern (pun SO intended).

I've only been knitting socks for a few months, but they're becoming sort of my thing.  I love knowing that I have a small project going that I can pick up any time, and that fits easily in my purse.  Wearing handmade socks is the best, but from the first four or so pairs I've made, I noticed that the typical wedge shape isn't the absolute best for my foot.

Let me pause here to say that I was an absolute freak as a little kid about how my socks felt on my feet.  Like, taking my shoes on and off a bazillion times to fix my sock, or having a conniption fit if I could feel the seam touching my toes.  I'm slightly less anxious about it as an adult, but now that I'm making my own socks I CAN CONTROL MY DESTINY.

So I made an anatomically correct toe pattern - for those of us who have longer big toes and more angled other toes, at least.  The pattern is available for free on Ravelry here, and is a basic vanilla sock pattern with contrasting heels and toes.  The shape of these toes does mean that there is a specific left and right sock, which at first seemed like a bit of a PITA, but really we're all able to put our shoes on the correct feet so specifically-footed socks shouldn't be that much of an issue.

Please, make these and enjoy!  Post your projects up on Ravelry, play with colors and variegated and self-striping yarns, and leftovers for heels and toes!  This pattern would also be fun to do in a franken-sock style with a bunch of leftover scraps on the leg and foot.  Can't wait to see my fellow sloping-toed-comrades' versions!


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