FO: kaisla

The sleeves are done and it's finally finished-finished-finished YAYYYYYYY

The sleeves are done and it's finally finished-finished-finished YAYYYYYYY

Here it is, my Kaisla cardigan from the pattern by Suvi Simola.  I enjoyed this pattern a lot and didn't feel the need to alter it as I went, which is unusual for me.  I did add a slipped stitch edge along the front button bands, because some of the other finished photos on Ravelry look like there may be a drooping problem with the band if it's worked as written.  We'll have to see what happens to it with some wear.

The yarn feels FANTASTIC, but I suspect the same cashmere content that makes it feel fantastic also causes some logistical issues.  It got frustratingly snarled during winding (and my winding abilities with my current equipment are on point, so I am definitely not the problem here), and I had to break yarn and re-wind balls a few times because the yarn would eat itself inside the center-pull ball and create a horrible tangled mess with no warning.  Blessedly, I no longer cry over my knitting, but this situation definitely would have triggered a meltdown a few years ago.  That being said, if it wears well, I'd STILL buy it again - it feels that good.

One thing to note about this yarn, and particularly the Smokey Rose Petal colorway, is that it looks VERY different under different lighting.  In the store, it looked like a soft gray.  As soon as I got it out in a more natural light, though, it was definitely lavender - and finding buttons to match this color was A ROYAL PAIN.  I found these truly lovely ones, but of course the shop only had 1" and 3/4" sizes, and I needed the 5/8" size:

I resorted to searching through this 10' x 6' assorted button bin (yes, that's 10 by 6 feet!!) at a local fabric store:

and eventually, by some miracle, found fifteen matching buttons that had a pleasant soft finish and were juuust lavender enough:

You better believe that when I found that final matching button, I held that little mofo above my head, Lion King-style.  I could've sworn that a beam of light shone down from the heavens.  I also may have high-fived myself in the middle of the store.

Of course, I then proceeded to leave the store without the ribbon I needed for the back of the button band.  Once I finally got that, hand sewing it on wasn't actually that big of a deal.

The fit of the sweater is pretty flattering due to the slight side shaping in the pattern.  I would definitely advise making a size larger than you think you need, because the button band really wants to pull, even despite the added stability of my slipped stitch edge.  Another good solution might be not making buttonholes as you go, and instead adding ribbon to the backs of both bands and using a sewing machine to make the buttonholes.  I've never done this before, but if I make this sweater again I definitely will.

Very happy with this pattern and finished product!  Now I only have about five more in-progress sweaters to finish...