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Just look at that pathetic, dusty old plastic bag.  It's as if I've been punishing this sweater by making it stay in there, instead of putting it in one of the dozens of nice project bags I have lying around.

My version of Moroccan Nights was hibernating for at least two years in this sad state, for absolutely no good reason.  Once again (because I always do this), I knitted the whole body and didn't finish the sleeves, and the only reason is because I was agonizing over how the color wouldn't match exactly.  AND THAT'S RIDIC.  This sweater is beautiful, I could tell it was going to fit well, I spent a lot of time covertly knitting it under my desk at my last job, and I needed to just finish it already.  Every time I thought about taking it out, though, I had a disturbing flashback to the time I knitted about half of one sleeve and realized I should have used a different skein because the colors didn't match.  Like, AT ALL.

Looking back on it, it was kind of like when you see one of your old projects, you know, before you knew about the importance of alternating skeins, and you're like oooooo girl.  Not cute.

Y'all know what I mean.

Well, after finishing the sleeves on my Kaisla cardigan way faster than I expected to, I decided to pick this baby back up.

It's always a little scary to try to figure out where you are when you pick up a project that's been in deep hibernation - I couldn't even remember what size I was making!  Luckily, from the number of stitches I already had on the sleeve, I was able to determine both the size and where I was in the sleeve shaping.  Despite my anxiety about the sleeve color discrepancy, I forged ahead.

Before too long, this happened:

(And of course the sleeves look just fine)

(And of course the sleeves look just fine)

And I'm pretty pleased with the way it fits:

The yarn I used is Baah! La Jolla, which is a 100% merino fingering weight, in the masala colorway.  I wouldn't classify it as particularly soft, but it's not scratchy either, and I really like the way the resulting fabric feels.  I would say this yarn is perfect for a lightweight sweater that might end up touching bare skin.  I'm usually pretty sensitive to bare-skin-yarn-feels, and this one is juuust right (I guess this might be my Goldilocks sweater yarn...)

It did stretch a great deal after blocking, both width- and length-wise.  I'm sure some of that is due to the pattern stitch being relatively stretchy as well, but the resulting fit is definitely bigger than the look of the original pattern.  It does have a nice casual oversized feel, though, so I'm okay with it.  It's like a super-fancy sweatshirt.

And I'm so glad I get to recycle that nasty old plastic bag now!


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